ICA Baltimore 2012-2022

October 24 – December 31, 2027

A message to ICA Baltimore supporters:

After 10 years of working on projects in Baltimore the ICA is sad to announce we will be closing at the end of 2022. The ICA Baltimore would not have been possible without the dedication of our advisory board members, the artists we’ve collaborated with, and you, our audience. We would like to extend special thanks to Mike Schecter, Marian Glebes, and Jaimes Mayhew, who made our home at the North Avenue Market possible, and without which the ICA would not have been even conceivable.

Thank you to all of our current and former ICA Advisory Committee Members -- from studio visits, exhibition production, gallery sitting, and monthly meetings, these folks’ dedication, helpfulness, and sense of humor made this a fun and productive ten years.

Amber Eve Anderson
Mary Anne Arntzen
Cindy Cheng
Marcus Civin
Matt Fishel
Allison Gulick
Hyejung Jang
Will Knipscher
Joe Letourneau
Jaimes Mayhew
Pete Razon
Annie Rochfort
Tony Venne
Julie Wills

Thank you to all the artists we’ve had the privilege of working with on solo projects - though we never had much funding, your willingness to go big and make memorable experiences encouraged and inspired other artists and strengthened the Baltimore arts community as a whole.

Kirk Amaral Snow
Mary Anne Arntzen
John Bohl
Emily Campbell
Shannon Collis and Liz Donadio
Angela Conant
Graham Coreil-Allen
Sue Crawford
Seth Crawford
Rachel Debuque
Rodolphe Delaunay
William Dutterer
Skye Gilkerson
Benjamin Kelley
Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron (curator of Le Track)
Kelly Lloyd
Ryan Mandell
Antonio McAfee
Jason Meyer
Laini Nemett
Janet Olney
Really Large Numbers (Julia Oldham and Chad Stayrook)
Macon Reed
Margaret Rogers
Twofold Secret
Justin D. Strom
Dominic Terlizzi
David Ubias
Melissa Webb
Eve Wylie
Allison Yasukawa
Lu Zhang

Lastly, thank you Baltimore for supporting this project- it’s been an honor to work with these artists, and present their work to an engaged, critical audience.