The ICA Baltimore is pleased to present our first ever Baltimore Artists Documentation Assistance Session (BADAS). This opportunity is particularly meant for local and emerging artists without commercial representation, and will provide a new resource for exhibitions where artists and curators can connect and share.

Next to the original physical work itself, good documentation is the best long-term investment artists can make in their art practice. Just because artists have strong work doesn’t mean that it will be perceived that way, especially if the documentation is lacking.

Visual documentation will often be the only thing curators, writers, or grant panels will see of an artist’s work, and good documentation can mean the difference between getting a grant, securing an exhibition, or being rejected and passed over for opportunities.

Documenting work properly is one of the most important investments artists can make in their career, however not all artists have the skills or equipment to document their own work well, or the resources to hire a professional to do it. BADAS allows emerging and under-represented artists to have their work documented professionally at no cost, and included in this online directory.

Check back here soon for information on applying for the next BADAS Session.

First BADAS Session