Amaral Snow

More Doing

November 9 – December 8, 2018
ICA Gallery

For the last decade, Kirk Amaral Snow has developed a body of work that investigates the relationship between the built world and performative aspects of culture. Drawing on an immediacy inherited from the DIY Punk scene, he makes simple, poetic objects that reference encounters with vernacular building as a contrast to highly crafted design.

With More Doing, Amaral Snow digs deeper into the language of home-center improvement projects and YouTube “Do-It-Yourself” design. Displaying gestures and materials that echo and repeat, the works in the exhibition reveal a process of iteration and experimentation often absent from polished media representations of “making”.

During the final weekend of the exhibition, Amaral Snow will situate his body alongside functional objects developed while making work for More Doing. The performance plays with Donald Judd's writings on furniture, using the artist's body to highlight issues in design and function.

More Doing is the twenty-eighth exhibition by the ICA since 2011.

Kirk Amaral Snow

Kirk Amaral Snow (b. 1980, Providence) is a Baltimore-based intermedia artist. Amaral Snow holds BA’s in Art History (2002) and Studio Art (2003) from the University of Rhode Island and an MFA from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2011). He has exhibited and performed both nationally and internationally at The Franklin (Chicago, IL), Samson Projects (Boston, MA), Little Berlin (Philadelphia, PA), Mobius (Boston, MA), Perfolink (Concepción, Chile), Infr’action Sète (Sète, France), Proof (Boston, MA), Fonderie Darling (Montreal, Canada), and Grace Exhibition Space (NYC). In 2014, Amaral Snow completed residencies at Samson Projects (Boston, MA) and ACRE (Steuben, WI). His most recent solo exhibition, The Lonesome Crowded, was staged at Boston’s Distillery Gallery in the summer of 2015.