Lines are Feelings Too

September 21 – October 27, 2019
ICA Gallery

Lines are Feelings Too is a new body of work exploring the functional and spiritual components of pattern and historical craft. Superimposing these elements over her own narrative, Sue Crawford employs the visual language of color and topography to create meditative paintings and minimalist drawings. The works seduce the viewer into following the vibrating lines of exquisitely calibrated color applied to geometrically disciplined paths with organic unpredictability. Although serious in scope and palpable discipline of repetitive movement, Crawford's work exudes a subtle sense of joy and humor, perforating boundaries between ethereal and utilitarian, fine art and craft, gravity and lightness.

Lines are Feelings Too is the thirty-third exhibition by the ICA since 2011.

Sue Crawford

Sue Crawford was born in Santa Barbara, CA and grew up near Milwaukee, WI. She received her BFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art in 1998. Sue has exhibited in Boston, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee. She currently lives and works in Baltimore.