Of the Attraction of the Sun

May 25 – June 15, 2013
ICA Baltimore at Current Space

In this, his first solo show in the United States, Rodolphe Delaunay will allow his new work - made in Baltimore - to confront earlier works produced in France. The exhibition is titled after a 17th century poem by philosopher and scientist Margaret Cavendish. Like a prism decomposes light into the many colors of the visible spectrum, this poem uses language to reveal the phenomena ruling the universe as an explorable array. The show regards the perceptions we have of natural forces and constants - gravity, the speed of light, magnetism - both as collective thought experiments and as individual linguistic experiences.

Rodolphe Delaunay

Rodolphe Delaunay is a French artist, born in 1984, and temporarily based in Baltimore. He graduated from Paris's École des Beaux Arts in 2008. Since then he has participated in several group shows in Italy, Indonesia and France and has had solo shows in Paris at Galerie Frédéric Lacroix and The Window 41. Delaunay's work explores the relationship between science and popular traditions. His sculpture, installations and movies are grounded primarily in readings of scientific history. He notes "Paradoxically, my connection to science arises from my own incapacity to understand it properly, and from the distance that separates me and my subject. I try to reproduce that distance in my works, juxtaposing everyday objects and scientific concepts, in order to produce questions about how we perceive the world."