ICA Baltimore

The ICA supports each artist by finding suitable exhibition space and conducting studio visits to help them craft their projects. We are one of the few organizations in Baltimore focused in such a way on mid-career artists. After three and half years of operating, we aim to continue our strong exhibition programming, while also starting new programs such as formal studio visits, ICA Editions and an Exchange Program with galleries in other cities.

In addition to the programs listed above, we are also researching other ways that we can help artists build their careers. These programs include offering professional development opportunities and a studio residency program. We are committed to growing our programs in a smart and considered way, while remaining focused on our one-on-one work with artists.

Advisory Committee

  • Lou Joseph (Director)
  • Mary Anne Arntzen
  • Tony Venne
  • Cindy Cheng
  • Allison Gulick
  • Joe Letourneau
  • Micah Bornstein
  • Phaan Howng

Thank You

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ICA Baltimore promotes the professional growth of early career artists through studio visits and solo artist exhibitions.