Terry Kitchen Towels, Autumn 1978, p.61

Seth Crawford

Graphite on panel

10 x 8 inches



Statement from the artist: 

"In the course of the previous century, Hammacher Schlemmer and loads of other mail order catalog companies responded as cultural appetites shifted from need to want, austere to ridiculous, and rational to aspirational. The images used in these catalogs, from around the early fifties to the mid- eighties, were mostly black and white - dodged and burned to the point where one could argue that they were drawn as much as processed from a negative. These images were usually without composition or context, floating in a void that made it easier for subscribers to imagine their ownership. 

These drawings are part of an ongoing look at material culture (the often dumb relationship between our stuff and ourselves). They are shiny and confusing to look at and I don’t have to feel like I know what I am doing when I work on them."



Terry Kitchen Towels, Autumn 1978, p.61