When I met Miyazaki

Mahsa R Fard

Watercolor on paper 

9 x 6 inches



Statement from the artist:

"This collection of work is a series of small watercolors which explore the medium with attention to layering pigment, transparency, and light. Watercolor is sometimes considered a medium for small-scale studies for bigger paintings. In this series I use watercolor for study, but the study is the final work as well. The works can be considered both as individuals and as a whole when installed next to each other. These paintings give the viewer the opportunity to interact with the work in multiple perspectives, noticing details when examining the works on a close, individual level, as well as when viewed from a distance. When looking closely, the physical properties of the paint and paper are more noticeable, with each pigment staining with different levels of opacity, and building on each successive layer. From a distance, one may notice the relationship and transitions of colour palettes from one side of the installation to the other."



When I met Miyazaki