untitled sunspot 446725

Jon Malis

Digital inkjet print

6 x 7.5 inches



Statement from the artist:

"The majority of my creative practice relies upon the constructed image - for my work to serve as representational documents and catalogues, meticulous detail, notes and effort must be exerted in the creation of my work.

However, without access to a proper studio for the majority of the pandemic, I’ve found myself chasing brief glimpses of the sun filtering through my neighborhood, backyard fences, windows, doors and into my house. Cataloguing these images as a pseudo-sundial, every day at home became an interactive performance as I traced the sun's rays imparting their constantly-moving marks upon the surfaces of my walls and furniture. 

Perhaps it was all in seeking a glimpse of what normalcy felt like before the world went sideways, or perhaps I saw it as an escape from isolation, but chasing the light and staring at walls became daily ritual throughout the pandemic."



untitled sunspot 446725