Lurking Through the Houseplants

Jake Lahah

Screen print on paper

22.5 by 15 inches


Statement from the artist:

"Houseplants overtaking the window sill. The way my dog tucks his nose under the coffee table. A backlit sign overhanging a dingy Richmond club. Magnets and show posters pinned to our fridge. Crummy overexposed photos taken on an iPhone. Community meals I make for me and my friends.

I explore the fringes of queerness and the ways our personal histories and interests are in negotiation with our queer identities. Casting screen printing as a drawing tool allows me to explore the iterative possibilities of imagery through layering. I’m looking for the appropriate balance of new information emerging and identity being lost through printing. As a by-product of this process, my work speaks to the nature of queer visual culture and identity constantly redefining itself. By exploring the intersection of queerness and personal interests, my practice addresses the complexities a queer identity has in relationship to lived experiences."




Lurking Through the Houseplants