Laundry Day Dubuffet no 11

Elliot Doughtie

Acrylic paint, ink, pencil on paper

12 x 9 inches


Statement from the artist:

"Socks, especially the two red stripe athletic sock, are a common image I have used in my sculptures since 2020. They signify the presense of a body as well as performed masculinity/gender presentation. They are also just funny little objects with a cheeky shape to them that resemble other things. The Laundry Day Dubuffet series started as sketches for the direct cast plaster sculptures. When casting each sock one out of every three would break and instead of throwing them out as lost I started assembling them together in a playful stiff vertical pile of laundry. My practice is primarily sculptural, but when I am unableĀ  to get to the studio I draw inrelation to the project I am working on."



Laundry Day Dubuffet no 11