Andy Martinelli Clark

 Colored pencil and graphite on paper

14 × 11 inches


Statement from the artist:

"I make process-driven paintings and drawings which are a synthesis of recalled
observation and chimerical invention. Seemingly drab quotidian phenomena such as the brick wall across the street, a calligraphic piece of graffiti, or the points at which architectural structures touch, for instance, are occurrences I often notice as I traverse the world. Upon returning to my studio, such disparate sources—which I also describe as visual fragments—are culled from memory and distilled into a personal lexicon of shape and color. Through methodical mark-making and transparent layering, I suture these components into beguiling compositions and engender each with their own distinct attitude, spacial propositions, and formal idiosyncrasies. I celebrate difference and encourage contrast. Ultimately, I see my pieces as fictional constructions which echo the incongruent nature of our world and my own subjective experience."